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Monday, May 16, 2016

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12.1.5 Serial Key Full Version Free Download (Win x64)

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12.1.5 Serial Key Full Version Free Download
Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12.1.5 Serial Key Full Version Free Download | 148 Mb
Magic Bullet Suite is a set of seven tools that bring intuitive, powerful color correction, and beyond, right to your editorial timeline.

Bullet package Magic Suite 12:

Magic Wand Looks 3.1.6
Plug-in color correction, intended for users working in various non-linear editing applications such as after effects, premiere Pro, final Pro, motion, avid Express Pro/media composer and contains 36 tools and over 100 preset styles. Looks like a magic wand allows to improve, customize colors and shades in the video, apply different styles, for example, to stylize the video for the old movie. Plugin includes more than a hundred different presets, divided into ten categories. Magic wand looks has a unique interface that allows you to manage all the available functions. The plugin includes 36 tools to make video a desired effect. With the help of another tool called Magic bullet misfire can "damage" image, giving it the appearance of old film, with the effects of dust and scratches.

Magic bullet Colorista III and V1.1.6
Colorista III brings the power of high-end colour systems to your desktop. In the first you can perform professional color grading in your favorite applications edit and move between them with consistent quality results. Easy to use interface Colorista is equally good for quick adjustments or to fine-processing of recorded footage without limitations. Use the 3-way wheels for easy adjustment of balance and luminance; a powerful new key for precision editing; and power Masks to isolate an area for perfect finishing. Whether you are a color expert or a future colorist, Colorista III and show how filmmakers everywhere do color correction.

Magic Bullet Film 1.0.8
Magic bullet film gives your digital photography appearance of the real film with full emulation of the entire photochemical process - from the original negative photographic films, color correcting, and finally printing. Magic bullet film are based on real film and the real color grading, based on the experience of industry experts, giving you 88 possible cinematic combinations.

Magic Bullet Mojo 2.0.7
View of modern Hollywood blockbuster instantly. Now You can be one of the best tricks of Hollywood in Your own sleeve. Modern blockbusters often use a subtle coloring effect to warm skin tones while backgrounds and shadows get a cool blue treatment - but the focus must do it while keeping Your talent! Magic bullet Mojo gives You this modern Hollywood look instantly, with easy customizable controls.

Magic Bullet Cosmo 2.0.7
Magic wand in Cosmo is your secret weapon for perfect close-up high definition,it will make a glamorous hands and the reduction of the age on the screen. Take a 30-year-old model, a 40-year old actress to vyglyadeli equally terrific - and even better than she can imagine - cope with this fast, professional cosmetic cleanup tool for your video. Cosmo smooths skin tones, softens problem areas and fixes blemishes beauty based on our technology Colorista II. Its default settings were carefully chosen to make your theme from good looking. We worked a lot, so you don't have ... because by the end of the day, everybody needs a little Cosmo.

Magic bullet Squelch second v1.4.8
Don't settle for noisy video. Bullet Magic filter does it all-professional results with no fuss. Traditional methods of removing noise can blur fine detail, but denoiser modern technology keeps developed the definition, eliminating the noise.

Magic bullet LUT buddy V1.0.3
The plugin allows you to manipulate and experiment with light, lighting in the photo is not overwriting parts, creating all sorts of stylized effects such as old film, old photo, sun glare, lighting through the blinds and many other that will help give a new mood to your photo. Magic bullet Toolkit PhotoLooks consisting of 36 components makes it easy to control lighting conditions and create stylized visual effects to any image. Immediately move the inhabitants of Your usual picture of a cold winter on the shore of a tropical beach or the desert at sunrise.

Plug-ins are installed in the following programs:
Adobe after effects CS5 - CC for 2015
Adobe premiere Pro CS5 - CC for 2015
Avid 7.0, 8.0
Sony Vegas Pro 12, 13
DaVinci Solve

What's new: Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12.1.5 Serial Key Full Version Free Download


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